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Learn the foundational techniques, 'the Straight Wrap' and 'the Angled Wrap', taking you from beginner to advanced levels. This isn't just a basic guide – it's a treasure trove of firsthand knowledge presented in step-by-step instructions, videos, illustrations, diagrams, and photos, all demonstrating the process on a mannequin from start to finish. This hands-on approach instills confidence as you step into the world of perming.

Discover essential perm theories, covering different hair types, porosity, texture, and density. Explore the importance of hair chemistry, the pH scale, and perm solutions. Uncover key aspects of perm rods and their sizes, curl formation, and proper wrapping techniques. Learn how to check a perm effectively and manage timing for optimal results. Additionally, grasp safety protocols and essential aftercare tips – all pivotal elements for achieving successful perms. While you may find numerous perm videos on social media, this ebook emphasizes foundational perm theories often overlooked, which can lead to disastrous results.

Upon completing the guidebook, you'll be ready to tackle perming challenges with confidence. Embark on your journey to perming mastery today! Click the links below to purchase and unlock the secrets of successful perming.


What You Will Find Within This Guidebook 📘✂️

Check out this video for a sneak peek into my perm guide ebook! 📖✨ This project has been a labor of love, taking six months to meticulously curate content that goes beyond conventional textbooks, offering you insights and techniques honed over 35 years in the beauty industry. 

This book combines classic perming techniques I've gathered over the years, alongside my personal approach, starting in the 1980s, an era renowned for permanent waves. Now, extending into today's innovative and artistic realm of updated perm techniques that I'm eager to share with you.  Here' what you'll find within these pages: 📖 🎉

🌀Chapter 1: About the Straight & Angled Perm Wrap🌀Chapter 2: Client Consultation 🌀Chapter 3: Hair Porosity 🌀Chapter 4: Perm Rods 🌀Chapter 5: Hair Amount 🌀Chapter 6: Haircut, Before or After the Perm 🌀Chapter 7: The Straight Perm Wrap 🌀Chapter 8: The Angled Perm Wrap 🌀Chapter 9: Perm Solution & The pH Scale 🌀Chapter 10: Perm Solution Application 🌀Chapter 11: Perm, Processing Times 🌀Chapter 12: Rinsing & Neutralizing 🌀Chapter 13: Perm Aftercare Guidelines