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Who am I now and what can I offer you as your hairdresser?

Thirty-two years in the beauty industry has left me with a wealth of experience. From my early days at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Toronto endless courses in hair colouring, cutting, hair texturizing, permanent waves, foil highlights, styling techniques, updos, curly hair, chemical straightening and ..you name it I have done it and mastered it.

What Are My Specialities

I really never set out to be a specialist on one hair type ..and trust me, I specialize in many areas. I have exceptional experiences with women’s and men’s advance cut and styles, advanced colour techniques, personalized colour application and colour correction specialist. I have invented my own personal texturizing techniques for curly hair and thick coarse hair. I have 32 years of experience as a permanent wave technician. I also have extensive experience in wedding hairstyles and updo’s for special occasions.

How ToCuts Curly Hair

The biggest problem with having curly hair is finding a hairstylist who really knows curls. Having curly hair myself, I saw a huge need to cut and style curls the right way.  Here is why. Not all curls are the same. There’s the fine, thick, bulky, course, springy and fragile curls and they all require different cutting techniques. Contrary to popular belief, amongst the hairstyling community, I myself always cut curly hair wet. Before cutting, it’s important to analyze curls both dry and wet. This is why I require first-time curly hair clients to come in with dry curls. This way I can assess the curls natural movement and check for unruly, thick, bulky areas that may require extra texturizing. Cutting curly hair wet is much more practical than cutting it dry, here is why. Cutting the curls wet is the best way to control the curls and help create an even all-around haircut. Cutting curls dry can be misleading and misinterpreted. Here is why, If you have curly hair, you know that brushing dry curls will cause the curls to expand and appear thicker. This can lead to a horrible miscalculated mess especially if the hair requires thinning and texturizing. Over-thinning curly hair is not a pretty sight.

Not all thick hair is the same, not all fine hair is the same and not all curly hair reacts or behaves the same. There are literally hundreds of different hair maps for every hair type. Studying, creating and inventing my own personal techniques to suit your hair requirement is my speciality.

When an artist finishes the creation of cutting the proper finish complete the picture. Whether I'm wanting to create a natural or polished finish, proper blow styling is something I take pride in. I can make fine limp hair appear thicker and fuller without the use of a curling iron. I can straighten curly or thick fizzy course hair with my blowdryer and without the use of a flat-iron.

I Am A Men's Hairstylist And Barber

My first year has a hairstylist I worked in a barbershop with some real old school barbers. My mission was to learn the art of barbering. I learned how to use my hair clipper properly free-handed with no blade guards and how to create the same finish without clippers but using the scissors over comb method. I learned how to control out of control double crown or difficult cowlick by using thinning shears or razoring to control these problem areas. Today, my male clientele ranges from young teenagers who are uncertain on how to match their personalities and lifestyle with the right cut and style to more mature men seeking out hairstyles or hair colouring to help them keep young and hip. I feel it’s my duty to keep my male clients liberated with hairstyling and grooming options. Most men are not very vocal on what they want so showing them pictures is my way of connecting and I always encourage my male clients to speak-up about what they like or don’t like. A man's hairstyle should suit their face shape and lifestyle. No matter the age, every man wants to look stylish. I love teaching them how to style their hair and how to switch it up.

How To Cut Fine Hair

When it comes to fine hair, there are different types of densities that contribute to what you can or cannot do. Let’s start by separating fine hair into two categories, low density and high density. With a low density, the hair strands are thin and the follicles grow far apart and most often the hair is limp and falls flat to the scalp. High density, the hair strands is also thin but follicles grow close together, now we have allot of fine heavy limp hair. Both fine hair but totally different cutting techniques. I have developed a few of my own cutting and razor techniques that will give the illusion of thickness and volume. While having fine hair does limit your styles chose, there are still a lot of cuts to chose from.

How To Build A Good Relationship With Your Clients

A consultation is not just about figuring out what hairstyle or colour your clients want. There are three types of consultations. The first one is learning about your client’s wants and needs. The second is studying your clients face structure. The third is for me to determine what your hair will or will not do. Before suggesting the right style, I will do a close evaluation of my client's hair pattern and texture.

I start by checking the hairline for thin areas, and the crown area for dominant hair flows like cowlicks or strong unruly hair patterns. After the evaluation, I usually ask a few questions to encourage clients to define their needs. Here are a few of my favourites: What type of styles appeal to you? What are you hoping to achieve? How good are you at styling your own hair? Then I’ll show them a series of pictures and wait for their approval before I creating their style.

Listening to my client's needs is another strong point, especially when it comes to hair colouring. If a client tells me her hair goes red and she hates it or says her hair is fragile and breaks easily. Then I listen!

I am very passionate about hair colouring, over the years I have worked with Goldwell and Schwarzkopf hair colour, and now with an amazing new gentle low-carcinogen hair colour system, OYA Hair Colour.

The art of hair colouring is limitless. With a practical and outside of the box approach, I have developed some unique formulations and highlighting techniques, My research on hair colouring never ends, this is the driving force behind my constant evolution. 

As a professional colour mixologist, I can tell you that colour formulas aren't one-size-fits-all. My knowledge of hair colouring comes from years of experience, studying and understanding the science behind it. I believe pictures are the best form of communication between client and stylist. When I’m doing a colour consultation I will take my client over to the computer and show them pictures as an example and encourage them to explain what they want or don’t want. Then I give them my professional opinion and I do not proceed until we are on the same page.

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Classic Hair Design is a beauty salon ( NEW LOCATION ) located inside Silk Hair Salon, Burlington, Ontario. Offering two great hair colour system, Goldwell and Oya Hair colour. Beauty Services offered; Advance haircut and style for ladies, design haircut for men, barbering, razor haircuts. Specializing in colour correction and colour makeovers, foil highlights, ombre highlights, balayage highlights, shadow highlights, silver highlights, hand painted highlights. Specializing in curly hair, permanent hair straightening, frizz relaxers, hair texturizing. Specializing in permanent wave, body wave perm, spiral perms, beach wave perm. Specializing in prom updos, graduation updo, wedding party, bridal updos.

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