What is a Permenent Wave?

Looking to add texture, volume, movement or a conventional curl pattern to your hair?  Then check out the new modern permanent wave. This involves the wrapping of hair around rods. The  size and shape of the rod determines the amount of curl and size of curls achieved.  How is this processed?  A processing solution is applied that breaks down the sulfur bonds in the hair. The hair takes on the new shape of the rod size.  After a 5 - 25 minute wait time, hair is rinsed, towel dried, then the neutralizer is applied. The neutralizer re-establishes the sulfur bonds to re-harded the hair and make the hair stay in the new curl formation. 


This perm is all about fluffy, bouncy, natural curls.  The lenght of the hair  usually determines the roller size. Can be also be done with the foam rollers.  These perms can last up till 3 - 8 months.  This perm can last up till 3 - 6 months                                                                 


Natural looking  sun kissed waves.  A combination of medium, large or extra-large foam rollers ( depending on the hair lengths ).  Hair is wound around the foam roller on an angle.  This technique creates a  beautiful natural sun-kissed beachy wave.  These perm can last up till  1 - 2 years. This is an 2 - 4 hour service     


This is generally done on longer hair.  Can be done on medium length hair.  The hair is wound around various sizes of perm rods on an angle to the lenght of hair.  This creates a more uniform coil of waves. This is a very firm wave and a stronger solution is generally used.  Over proccessed highlighted hair should not consider this perm.  These perms can last up till 2 - 3 years. This is an 3 -4 hour service.